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Balder: my friend, my foe, my father

Balder, my father, the last remaining of the Lumen Sages. 

As possessor of the right eye he is an overseer of the world and its history. 

Lumen sages are representatives of the Sun and bearers of the light. However, my father also dwelled into the darkness. He believed in order to truly see, one's  eyes must be open to both the dark and the light. 

Upon word of my waking, my father set out stepping stones to my enlightenment, the awakening of the left eye. And my journey led me right to him. 

It had been five hundred years since we last met and there was much I had forgotten. I suppose if my memories were intact it would have been a much more emotional reconciliation. 

Of course he greeted me with riddles and philosophical pretensions. He insisted that I addressed him as "Daddy". It would be several battles before I'd warm up to that idea. 

His intentions with me were to resurrect Jubileus, the Creator, and become the new eyes of the world. Destroying our world and creating a new in the image of the old.

Once I learned of his plans I told him he was truly beyond salvation. And that I could never call someone responsible for this nightmare "Daddy". 

Salvation... a curious word. 

Perhaps my lack of memory didn't allow me to see the truth in my father. 

Perhaps he was blinded by his own corruptions. 

Nevertheless my relationship with him grew even more complicated.

-part 2 coming soon


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